How to customize template?

The best way to customize template and keep the update functionality is to create your own one.

- create a folder my_new_template_title for your template images and place it at root/images/my_new_template_title/
- create a folder my_new_template_title and place it at  root/templates/my_new_template_title/
- create a folder for styles and place it at root/templates/my_new_template_title/styles/
- copy/paste  file root/templates/user/styles/bootty.css into root/templates/my_new_template_title/styles/
- rename bootty.css to my_new_template_title.css

Go to administrative panel CMS > CMS > Templates  + Add New template with settings
Template Name - my_new_template_title
Style Name - my_new_template_title  Must be the name of you CSS file without extension.
Templates Directory - Select from list - my_new_template_title
Admin Templates Directory - templates/admin

Now you can modify template styles and images as you want.
If you need to modify .html files
- copy/paste .htlm files from root/templates/user/ into root/templates/my_new_template_title/ and modify them as you want.